Buying second hand gym equipment? Here’s how to do it right!

Whether you are thinking of setting up a gym in your house, or you are equipping a commercial gym, you’ll be interested in all the many ways you can save money. Buying brand new gym equipment is a very expensive game, but luckily there is a very healthy second hand gym equipment market. People buy things like cross trainers, treadmills and rowing machines on a whim, and often they don’t get much use so when they come to sell them, they are still as good as new. Here are some things to look out for when looking at second hand equipment:

Sweat can cause damage to rubber and other parts, so check the piece of equipment you are looking at for signs of perishing. Pay particular attention to handles and seats. It is good practice to wipe down equipment after use, so as long as the machine has been well cared for you should be ok. Also check that any computerised parts work – there’s no better way to test it than to jump on and have a go, so make sure you turn up to view it wearing suitable clothing.

Make sure you have measured the space the machine is intended for first. If not, you may find yourself with a treadmill or similar that just doesn’t fit in the space you have for it, and you will have to sell it straight on. Measure the height, width and depth of the space, and write the dimensions down somewhere safe (it’s always good to get somebody to check them for you, just to be absolutely certain!).

Not all fitness machines are created equal, so if you’re going to spend money on one you should make sure it is as good quality as possible. Treadmill motors come in different strengths – basic ones have around 1.5 horsepower, but the higher-end models get up to 2.5-3 horsepower. Get the strongest motor you can find as it will perform much better. If you want to test the motor, put the treadmill on a slow speed and put your foot down hard on the belt. If the motor is too weak you will hear a groaning sound. You’ll need a motor that can stand up to serious use, so always go for quality.

It’s always a good idea to read online reviews of various models before you go and look at them. Elliptical cross trainers come in many different shapes and sizes, so if you are heading out to buy one, see what people are saying online about that particular model number first. Go for brands that you know of and trust.

Make sure the machine that you buy has all the functions that you need, for example a heart rate monitor, and customisable programs. Check that all the safety facilities are in place too such as the emergency stop clip. The better it suits you, the more likely it is that you will use it!

Author Bio: Today’s featured writer, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger. She’s zealous about fitness and provides personal training to aspiring models. In her opinion, Horizon elliptical equipment brings the best out of cardio-training.

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