A Client’s Guide To Avoiding Or Treating Burns After Laser Hair Removal

New and better techniques keep coming up in the cosmetology field with time. People are automatically intrigued to try such wondrous treatments to look better or tackle any other issue. There is nothing wrong with having body hair; women usually prefer taking them off. In the current times, removing hair is not confined to just females but even males. People indeed have the right to do whatever they wish when it comes to their cosmetics. Resultantly, more and more masses are showing keen interest in Hair Removal Totowa, NJ.

What are laser hair removal burns?

It is first required to understand how the concept of laser hair removal works. For those who do not know, it is a kind of dermatological treatment where a beam of laser is used to target the follicles. The melanin absorbs the laser lights and removes hair thereof. The light so created in the process turns to heat and then does its job. 

Hence, there are chances that the client may get burns during or after the process. Other procedural mistakes, amateur doer, wrong equipment, and poor aftercare can also be responsible for burns.

How to avoid laser hair removal burns?

As implied from the previous paragraph, burns happen due to carelessness or inefficiency.  So, it makes sense to eliminate the causes to avoid the burns. Relatable tips to shun burns from the process are:-

  • It is imperative to get laser hair removal done by a proficient practitioner. 
  • Proceed only if the clinic uses advanced technology for laser hair removal.
  • Check if the product used in the procedure comes with FDA certification.
  • Ensure that the device used is suitable for the color and texture of your skin.
  • Avoid going into the sun before the session as tanning is more prone to burns. 
  • Stay away from heat pads, saunas, and other heating elements before and after.

You may also want to consult your specialist so that they can guide you more about precautionary methods.

How to treat laser hair removal burns?

In some cases, despite adopting the best expertise, burns may still occur. In such a scenario, a client must know how to cure the damage done. The following measures may prove to be useful if anybody suffers burns from the laser hair removal process.

  • Use Cold Packs-

The first and instant remedy would be to apply an ice pack to the affected area. Remember, you must never use ice directly on your skin. Always wrap the cubes in a paper towel because direct usage will further burn the skin. Alternatively, gently rub the burns with a towel dipped in cold water.

  • Get Expert Medication-

If you feel that there is no improvement, it is best to consult a specialist. They may prescribe suitable creams. Also, products like petroleum gel should not be brought to use upon anybody’s recommendation. Use such ointments and creams only if the doctor allows.

  • Avoid Heating Elements-

It is not just about what to do; know also what not to do. If you have a burning sensation, you should consider staying away from sunlight and tanning. Working out also produces heat in the body; so, avoid it for some time. The same precaution is needed for the sauna and other heating elements.

  • Shun Allergic Products-

Another point in the list of don’ts will be to keep aside specific products. Makeup will be something that you may have to avoid till your burns feel better. Do not try to cover the damaged skin with foundation, concealer, etc. as they may react adversely. 

  • Do not pop-

It is more of a reflex action to pop blisters or scratch uncontrollably when skin gets damaged. Doing any of such alike actions will do blunders for the skin. The chances of infection will also increase if you pop blisters or rub the affected skin harshly in case of itching etc.

With proficient doctors doing laser hair removal and embracing dos and don’ts, chances of burns are minimal. If the burning sensation still prevails, do not make any delay to consult an expert on the subject. Avoid trying relieving methods on your own or upon others’ advice unless they are from the medical field.

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