An Ultimate Guide To Botox And Its Rising Popularity

Botox is a toxin that comes from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The same toxin is responsible for botulism-like food poisoning. Doctors have discovered that when taken appropriately and in little dosages, it... Read more »

What Are The PDO Threads And Their Benefits?

What is the PDO thread? Polydioxanone or PDO threads are very thin and made of protein. These are biodegradable and used in thread lift procedures. In the thread lift procedure, these dissolvable... Read more »

Liquid Face Lift – Various Materials Used

A liquid facelift is a cosmetic procedure. Liquid facelifts were developed to treat wrinkles, discoloration, and skin laxity. Unlike traditional treatments such as facials and chemical peels, liquid facelifts can be done... Read more »
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